“I was introduced with the mentoring program at Carrefour Jeunesse –Emploi NDG exactly when I was in a great need of information about the job market. I was always interested in meeting the professional people in the banking industry where I would like to make a career. My Advisor introduced me to David Charron who is in charge of the mentoring program at CJE-NDJ. David explained how the program works and then he organized two meeting with 2 specialists in the industry. I met 2 financial advisors from BMO and Scotia bank. They explained me how they have built their career, what the required qualifications and attitudes are for an employee in banking industry and how the process of hiring the employees is in the industry. Also, they pointed out how I can accentuate my capabilities according to my CV or represent my qualifications to succeed in finding a job. Finally, they informed me of the current opportunities in their companies. The whole experience was very motivating and instructive. I learnt how I can represent myself in the job market and also what career path best suites my educational and career back ground. I believe that this program which is offered by the CJE NDG is one of the best and practical programs of the Emploi Quebec. In addition the advisors of the Carrefour de Jeunesse have been very supportive and they encouraged me a lot throughout the program with their follow-ups and helps.”