« Hello, I started to make my cv and searching for a job with one of your counselor and she helped me a lot. She is very patient and expert in her profession. She searched a lot and offered me the best metod to be succesfull in finding a good and result job. Thanks a lot. »


« Your help in writing my cv and in simulating an interview was excellent. What to answer to questions during interwiews was particularly helpful. »


« This type of service on job hunting is very useful, especially when you need a modernisation and updating of résumé and cover letter. The approach is more complex now. »


« The Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi NDG is a great place to evolve in a simulating self-confidence environment and discover the francophone society in Montreal. The support from the program is exceptional for many people with different background and degree and facilitates a true integration in Montreal.

I have truly enjoyed getting help and advise how to improve the quality of my CV and customize my cover letter, searching for jobs, learning about the job interview and improving my French (Québécois) communication skills. All staff are friendly and helpful. I got help and advice from different people at this place, specially Steve MC Fadden, Jean-Marie Rugira, Julie-Eve O’Meara, were the most helpful persons to me. Also I would like to thank Madeleine (The French teacher), the employment counselor “Ronald Hudson” and director of the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi NDG “Mr. Hans” …»