The Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi NDG, an Indispensable Youth Organization in Local Development

Since our founding in 1998, the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi has distinguished itself as an important player in local development. Several factors explain our success:
  • The origins of the CJE NDG are not just due to government will. It is the product of our local milieu and owes its growth to our commitment to help neighborhood young adults aged 16 to 35 years old in their socio- professional integration.
  • The CJE NDG is a community organization with its very own independent Board of Directors composed of different dynamic local partners. This composition helps us coordinate our efforts according to the realities and needs of the neighborhood we cover.
  • The strong presence of young people on our board is one of the reasons why our implication helps this targeted clientele succeed in their drive towards their socio-professional integration.
  • The CJE is an important and leading player in establishing efficient local partnerships that strive to make a difference in the conditions of young people.
  • The diversified expertise at the CJE NDG ( employment services, return to school coaching , career and academic search, entrepreneurship) provides not just a meeting place for the youth but also an opportunity for them to improve their self confidence and other personal traits. This diversified expertise, along with the managerial independence of the organization, explains why we can provide accessible services that are customized to the numerous needs of our milieu.
  • Our membership in the Carrefour Jeunesse network allows us to benefit from expertise elsewhere throughout Quebec and to keep abreast of new developments in intervention practices and training techniques that are adapted to our needs and are state of the art. Furthermore the network introduces us to new programmes that initiate in other Quebec regions, for example Youth in Action ( a programme for youth that is an alternative to welfare payments) or IDEO ( a programme that encourages staying in school ).

The Excellent Results of the CJE NDG

Ever since our opening in 1999 more than 10,000 young people have used our services ( and this excludes any special projects ). The results clearly illustrate the success of our concept for young adults. Here are the reasons most often mentioned for the success of our interventions:
  • Serving the youth is done without any discrimination, socio-economic, ethnic, or other
  • The youth participate in CJE activities on a strictly voluntary basis
  • The intervention takes a global approach ( even ecological which takes into account the person in his/her environment ) including living conditions and the specific needs of the youth.
  • The CJE NDG works in harmony with other organizations on its territory
  • The CJE NDG bases its implication on the principle of equality with the other partners
  • Our team is both professional and dynamic.
We firmly believe in the potential of our clients and in their ability to act autonomously in their milieu. We work and deploy all our energy to give a sense to tomorrow’s actors in Quebec society.