« Thanks so much.

If I succeeded it’s in large part due to you, to David, Jean Marie and all your other colleagues who gave courses. We learned a whole lot and I feel I grew during the three months of courses. »


« I learned, with you support, how to explore new career perspectives, and you are part of my success. Thank you for giving me the chance to participate in your program. »


«We wish to thank you again for the courses which were really quite excellent. Maybe you have heard of the Portuguese word –saudade- literally untranslatable- that shows just how grateful we are now that the courses are finished.»

Dominique A.

«The mentorship programme at the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi gave me more confidence in my job search. The meeting with my mentor provided me with the answers to my questions. I was henceforth able to target potential employers and use the necessary tools to conduct an effective job seach in my field.»


“I was introduced with the mentoring program at Carrefour Jeunesse –Emploi NDG exactly when I was in a great need of information about the job market. I was always interested in meeting the professional people in the banking industry where I would like to make a career. My Advisor introduced me to David Charron who is in charge of the mentoring program at CJE-NDJ. David explained how the program works and then he organized two meeting with 2 specialists in the industry. I met 2 financial advisors from BMO and Scotia bank. They explained me how they have built their career, what the required qualifications and attitudes are for an employee in banking industry and how the process of hiring the employees is in the industry. Also, they pointed out how I can accentuate my capabilities according to my CV or represent my qualifications to succeed in finding a job. Finally, they informed me of the current opportunities in their companies. The whole experience was very motivating and instructive. I learnt how I can represent myself in the job market and also what career path best suites my educational and career back ground. I believe that this program which is offered by the CJE NDG is one of the best and practical programs of the Emploi Quebec. In addition the advisors of the Carrefour de Jeunesse have been very supportive and they encouraged me a lot throughout the program with their follow-ups and helps.”

Shawn G.

”Today I am able to work in the field that I have studied in thanks to the support from Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi. The staff are truly competent in providing effective skills such as c.v. building and proper interview etiquette to help open doors for new career opportunities. I am truly grateful for their services and for giving me the confidence to meet any employer for an interview.”

Patricia B.

« I arrived to Montreal one year ago and one of the first things I did was to go to the Carrefour in Ndg, the experience is been wonderfull because I have learned how the job market works here. Now even that I am working, I continue with my appointments with Ronald, because he advises me and gives me support if I have doubts. »


« Hello, I started to make my cv and searching for a job with one of your counselor and she helped me a lot. She is very patient and expert in her profession. She searched a lot and offered me the best metod to be succesfull in finding a good and result job. Thanks a lot. »