« My name is Mat, and for the last 5 years, I have been working in NGOs for a variety of causes. After finishing my last contract, I made an important life decision: that while the work I was doing had been important, ultimately I needed something different in order to be personally fulfilled. I asked myself what I would do if money and security were non-issues, and realized that my passion lies in the arts, specifically comics. After finding an Emploi Quebec program that would allow me to gain experience writing and illustrating my first comic book, I turned to the CJE-NDG for assistance. What I received was thorough, committed, hands on help from the CJE. I was put into contact with Caroline, who first offered to accompany me to the information session for the Emploi Quebec program. She took notes, and whispered her observations to me as the meeting took place, which ultimately made a huge difference later on. Afterwards, we set up meetings so that I could get help creating a budget for my proposal. Caroline came prepared with other resources for emerging artists that I had not yet heard of, and dispensed advice that I could not have found elsewhere.
As I am writing this, I am sitting at my desk, surrounded by materials which I have purchased and rented thanks to my approved 12 month project. I say without question that the experience and insight Caroline has provided me allowed me to create the best proposal I possibly could, and her help has been instrumental in allowing me to take the first steps towards realizing my dream. I hope that others in my position will always be able to turn to CJE for guidance, when faced with uncertainty or complexity which requires experience that we may not all have. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Caroline, and thank you CJE for the indispensable services you offer. »