The NDG Youth Table

The NDG Youth Table is a group of NDG organizations that work with young people, aged 6 to 30, and their families. Its mission is to bring together organizations and institutions to support and consolidate the work that is being done for youth. It also seeks to promote and encourage activities that will improve the quality of life and health of the target population. The CJE NDG is a partner and trustee of this initiative, which was launched in 2007.


REP NDG was a project created jointly by the CJE NDG, the WORD project and the Table de concertation jeunesse NDG, as part of the 375th anniversary celebrations in Montreal. With the support of the Borough of CDN-NDG and the City of Montreal, we produced a music video featuring community leaders and the talents of NDG residents, both young and old. The aim was to make the voices of individuals who usually do not have access to a public platform heard, and to give young people a chance to get involved in something meaningful. The legacy left by this project can be found in the REP NDG Gallery, located in our offices at 6380, Sherbrooke West, as well as a video clip that you can view here. (