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Citizens of the World

Since the program was started in 2011, the mission of L’Équipe Citoyens du Monde du CJE NDG is to give an enriching experience to youth aged 18 to 35 through participating in international projects by being involved in the daily lives of different communities around the world through international cooperation. In recent years, L’Équipe Citoyens du Monde has completed several group projects such as: Togo, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Belgium. Through these projects participants develop skills in personal development, (self confidence, self awareness, communication skills, a deeper understanding of how they want to contribute to the world, increased autonomy and sense of responsibility, team work, etc). Professional skills, (Language skills – (English / France / Spanish), presenting workshops, sustainable development, bicycle repair, ecological construction). To participate in these projects youth must be 18 – 35 years old, not presently working and have not completed any post secondary education.

On top of these responsibilities, L’Équipe Citoyens du Monde is available to meet with youth who have eas for their own international project. If it is an internship or looking for a job or language program overseas, L’Équipe Citoyens du Monde is well equipped to support you during all the steps at fulfilling your dreams.

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