19 January 2022

Music For Healing

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Are you interested in exploring music as a form of self-expression and self-care?

Starting TUESDAY FEBRUARY 8TH, STAY will be hosting 4 weekly ZOOM workshops facilitated by Samm Reid called “Music For Healing”.

Music for Healing encourages freedom of expression through melodic exploration and songwriting to help participants actualize their experiences and turn their thoughts and feelings into art. Participants will learn creative tools such as journaling and poetry to cope with and understand their realities.

This program offers alternative healing mechanisms to help deal with trauma and cope with harsh realities, confusing emotions, acknowledgment of mental health challenges and self-doubt, awakening participants to their power of expression and guiding them through the process of creativity. It aims to instill self-worth and provide tools to turn experiences into art. The project allows participants to express themselves freely without judgment while having the opportunity to share their experiences with each other, promoting solidarity and collective healing while also offering creative tools which can be used throughout daily life to manage overall mental wellbeing.

These workshops will be held every Tuesday at 5pm via ZOOM for the month of February!

If you’re down, check out the sign up link !

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