Project W.O.R.D.

“We use youth culture and art as the primary way to connect with young people”

W.O.R.D. operates in-class and extracurricular hip-hop based literacy programs for high-school aged students who seek additional learning opportunities in Montreal’s public schools.

We use youth culture/art as the primary way to connect with young people. For W.O.R.D, this most often means hip hop.

We use popular culture and subculture to start critical/constructive conversations about social issues and the experiences of young people.

We support youth in creating their own music, to express themselves, their reality, and have a positive impact on their communities.

We want a more just world where young people’s innate skill sets and strengths are valued in ways that allow them to tackle real world problems.

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Lynn Worrell

Youth worker

Phone: 514 482-6665 ext: 201

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