Language Practice Workshops

“The CJE offers French language workshops to newcomers who wish to improve their language skills in order to integrate more quickly into Quebec society.“

French Immersion program:

Our language practice workshops target immigrants who have already completed a French Immersion program or who have an intermediary level in French. Our courses give participants the chance to practice French with others through group meetings. Offered as a complement to our employability services, these workshops aim to improve the use of spoken French. We believe that learning French is a labour market integration strategy because by allowing our clients the chance to better express themselves in French and better understand others we need to offer them the opportunity to foster their confidence in establishing contact with an employer in French.

These oral French workshops are offered free of charge, like the rest of our services and take place in small groups with a customized program created by an experienced teacher. Demand is high so make sure you register in advance to avoid waiting lists. The 8-week program is offered several times a year.

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